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Businesses are made to move forward

Monthend can help you charge in to the future with our finance solutions. From cash flow and business strategy to helping you find loans, Monthend will help your business make informed moves.

Financing and Capital Raising

Financing and Capital Raising

Get the capital needed to make your next big move. Monthend connects businesses to financing solutions that are favorable to their industries.

Cash Flow Forecasting,
Budgets and Planning

Instill financial discipline and grow the bottom line by planning and budgeting.
Create data driven solutions so you know when to make moves or when to sit tight.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

What’s the next big move? Should you differentiate your products or focus on operations? MonthEnd can put together a strategy for your business making sure you stay one step ahead of the competition and maximize growth opportunities.

Financial Analysis and Forecasting

Gain valuable insights about your company. Factoring in historical trends allows you to plan for the unexpected.

Monthend Founder, Chris Anderson, makes it clear; he was CFO of a major developer and started, grew and sold multiple companies before getting his MBA and starting to focus on accounting. He’s passionate about business.

Monthend grew out of dissatisfaction with the status quo. Conventional business solutions weren’t moving fast enough or couldn’t offer the in-depth, data-driven insights he wanted. All of Chris’s time now goes in to building his vision of a services company that works for the businesses of today.

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