The Crucial Need for Experienced Accountants in Construction Bookkeeping

The construction industry, with its unique financial intricacies and regulatory demands, requires more than just basic bookkeeping. It demands a level of financial oversight and expertise that only experienced accountants, particularly those with a background in construction accounting, can provide. This article delves into why the common practice of employing general bookkeepers, many of whom […]

Welcome to the first edition of The Punch List, the Monthend newsletter! In upcoming issues we will be bringing you news from the building industry, strategies for small business owners, accounting tips from our in-house Buildertrend and QBO experts, and profiles on builders from around the country.   At Monthend, we like to think we’re […]

Looking Ahead to 2019 Taxes

Looking ahead to 2019 taxes By Chris Anderson You have your 2018 tax return filed, or perhaps on extension, and now it’s time to look forward to the changes that will impact your 2019 return when you file it in 2020. Keeping up with the constantly changing tax laws can help you get the most […]