Accounting from Afar

Accounting from afar

Accounting from afar

New technology enables alternatives to your traditional in-house staff

By Peter Olejniczak

Do you have a bookkeeper on staff? Are you paying your stinky old-fashioned CPA to manage your books?  It’s time to rethink that model. 

New technology allows most accounting functions to happen from afar. These technology tools are brand new, and in the hands of the right practitioner,  the technology allows work to be done remotely….work that even 18 months ago required on-site visits.

Using the latest cloud accounting technology alongside your management and decision systems creates a more integrated information ecosystem. The result? Fewer manual processes, fewer data errors, and more time spent on making money…or better yet, more time spent with your family.

“…in the hands of the right practitioner,  the technology allows work to be done remotely….work that even 18 months ago required on-site visits.”

Technology should make things simpler. Easier.

Most friction points in a business process have a technology solution. At least that’s the perspective we take! Feeling out of touch with your customers? Take to social media to stay connected. Spending too much time on data entry? Integrate your spreadsheets with your accounting package. Keep it simple.

Here are some of the benefits we’ve seen small businesses gain after implementing cloud technology to make their business simpler:

Accessibility: Expanded employee compatibility. Work abroad, remote, anytime, with realtime data.
Reduced Infrastructure Cost: No need for an expensive W2 employee
Scalability: Manual tasks are now done via technology. One employee can handle a larger scope of work in same amount of time.
Development: You always have the most current version. No new installation year to year.
Workflow Automation: Why do a task when you can have your computer do it for you? Replace the repeatable tasks and turn that into better served time.

The tools are cheap, they’re easy to configure, and they can simplify your workflow.

One application we love is Zapier. Zapier is a workflow automator that connects two or more apps together. It triggers an action to be performed in one app based on an event in another app. For instance, if a new lead comes through your Facebook page, Zapier will automatically create a contact card in your Google Contacts.  Creation of a contact card may take an employee about a minute…but why not let the technology do it for you?

Staying on top of cloud based solutions across many of industries is one thing makes Monthend different from a traditional accountant. Using the tools in our own practice allows each of our associates to advise more clients, which helps keep our prices low. We’re always testing new solutions across all industries, and our goal is to help you automate as much of your workflow as possible to improve accuracy & efficiency and to reduce your cost. 

So, what apps do we love that our clients love?

Plooto: Manage your receivables and payables in minutes

ReceiptBank: Stop wasting time on receipts

Gusto: HR, Payroll, and Benefits are just a click away

QuickBooks Online: Accounting that connects to everything

Trello: Work more collaboratively and get more done

Pipedrive: Visualize and optimize sales

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